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Browne, Mahogany

Browne, Mahogany


The Cave Canem, Poets House & Serenbe Focus alum, is the author of several books including Redbone (nominated for NAACP Outstanding Literary Works), Dear Twitter: Love Letters Hashed Out On-line, recommended by Small Press Distribution & for Best Poetry Books of 2010. Mahogany Browne bridges the gap between lyrical poets and literary emcee. Browne has toured Germany, Amsterdam, England, Canada and recently Australia as 1/3 of the cultural arts exchange project Global Poetics. Her journalism work has been published in magazines UptownKING, XXL, The Source, Canada’s The Word and UK’s MOBO. Her poetry has been published in literary journals PluckManhattanville ReviewMuzzleUnion Station MagLiterary BohemianBestiaryJoint & The Feminist Wire. She is the co-editor of the anthology The Break Beat Poets: Black Girl Magic and and chapbook collection Kissing Caskets (Yes Yes Books). She is an Urban Word NYC Artistic Director (as seen on HBO™s Brave New Voices), founder of Women Writers of Color Reading Room, Director of BLM@Pratt Programming and facilitates performance poetry and writing workshops throughout the country. Browne is also the publisher of Penmanship Books, the Nuyorican Poets Café.

Kissing Casket (Yes Yes Books 2017) [chapbook]
(Willow Books, 2016 NAACP Nominated 2016)
smudge (Button Poetry, 2015) [chapbook]
Destroy, Rebuild & Other Reconstructions (Penmanship Books, 2009) [ chapbooks]
Swag (Penmanship Books, 2008)
Dear Twitter: Love Letters Hashed Out On-line in 140 Characters (Penmanship Books, 2008)
Unlikely & Other Sorts (Penmanship Books, 2005) [chapbook]


SWACC Fellowship 2016
Poets House Fellow 2015
Cave Canem Fellowship 2007-2013