Poet of the Week: Robin Caudell

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Genetic Jazz

(For Harjo)
Soprano-sax poems
Muskogee hearts
Raven wings

Raps true
Slaps hypocrite MITT
(More Indian Than Thou)
Who squint down
Not so brown or red
Nor chiseled noses
At breeds
Lacing 21st century moccasins
Beaded with ancestors’ eyes

A porcupine quill
You can’t shake

Africa calls you
Daughter, Sister Joy
Calls you beloved
Gifts you obsidian
Horses, horses, horses
With Pleiad eyes
DNA don’t lie
Oya smudges you
Yoruba ritual
Quetzalcoatl quest
You shine, shine, shine

Lift sax
Blow back
Blow back
Blow back
Stoke mud
Where red and black mixed
Juke jazz electric
Blue and rude
DNA don’t lie
Neither do Spirit

A porcupine quill
You can’t shake

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