Poet of the Week: Danez Smith

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at the down low house party 

don’t expect no nigga to dance.
we drink Hen, hold the wall

graze an elbow & pray it last forever.
everybody wants to touch a nigga, but don’t.

we say wats gud meaning I could love you until my jaw
turns to dust. we say yo meaning let my body

be a falcon’s talon & your body be the soft innards of goats
but we mostly say nothing, just sip

some good brown trying to get drunk
with permission. sometime between here

& being straight again, some sweet
boned, glittering boy shows up, starts vogueing & shit

his sharp hips pierce our desire, make our mouths water
& water & we call him faggot meaning bravery

faggot meaning I often dream
of you, flesh damp & confused for mine

faggot meaning Hail the queen! Hail the queen!
faggot meaning I been waited ages to dance with you


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