Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation

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on July 4th, we remember that American independence did not mean Black liberation. Getting Word’s campaign to #FundBlackLiterature is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the vitality and resilience of the Black American spirit, and the stories of our humanity.

This Independence Day, we invite you to stand with Getting Word’s mission to support our Black literary organizations that are central to Black Literature. Together, Cave Canem, Furious Flower, Hurston/Wright Foundation, Obsidian artsmag and @twhpoetry represent over 130 years of collective action to guide the journeys of today’s leading, emerging, and aspiring Black authors.

Your donation to @gettingwordnow is a commitment to the future of Black literature, and the financial independence of the Black literary organizations behind your favorite Black authors.

On the final day of our 2022 campaign, we invite you to join us. Your contribution matters. Visit to learn how you can #FundBlackLiterature today!