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Yolanda Wisher

Years: 1999-2001


Yolanda Wisher earned a B.A. in English/Black Studies from Lafayette College and a M.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry from Temple University.  At the age of 23, she was named the first poet laureate of Montgomery County where she grew up.  A Leeway Foundation Art and Change Award recipient, her poems have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Ploughshares, The Fence Reader, Black Poets Lean South, and Gathering Ground.  During a decade of teaching highschool English, Wisher directed the Germantown Poetry Festival from 2006 to 2010 and hosted a poetry show on Gtown Radio.  She currently heads the art education department at the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and lives in Germantown with doublebassist Mark Palacio and their son Thelonious.



Love is Like a Faucet


after Billie Holiday


these vitamin double ds

gonna put cows outta business.

these sunday bests

if frozen would delight.

unpasteurized and untamed

they swing

in the hammock

of my torso.

they magnetize

my man’s hands.

like a wonderwoman blast

or a web of thunder from

storm’s wrist,

this cocktail

is nurturing napalm

manna dew, pepto bismol

for civilization.

you can’t outwit these


these nipples are

necrophilia’s enemy.

coltrane couldn’t blow

these tumescent tubas.

these are gourds

that’ll make a shakere


make an eggplant

go pale.

these breasts

gonna put old betsy

outta business.

and send the men

with goats a-packin.

this love is like a faucet,

it turns on and on.