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Keith S. Wilson

Years: 2010


Keith S. Wilson spent the first 12 years of his life growing up in Torrance, California.  From there, he moved to Northern Kentucky where he currently resides.  He received his BA in English from Northern Kentucky University in 2008.


An Affrilachian Poet as well as Cave Canem Fellow, Keith has had his poetry acted on stage in Lexington, KY in a performance entitled "Follow the Drinking Gourd."  His poetry (and the occasional essay) have been published both online and in print in a number of journals.  


Keith runs a poetry blog at the Robotto-Mulatto and is a contributor for We Who Are About to Die.  He is also an editor for the multilingual online publication Public-Republic.







Yeah, I'm that twitch in the legs

of beasts at night, the moth

wings flirting the moon out of silver.  

It's me that you see

rubbing legs together for light

in the winter

or wrapped up cocoon-like

in the shawls of a new season.

Me slinking on all fours, yes, me

above the silt, and below 

the praying arms of the trees. 

Prometheus and Loki be damned,

I'm that fire they stole.

That's me, sultry in the dreams of men,

that sweaty blanket

dancing in their estuary.

Yes, me pleading

with the Amazon, a bleeding

Arizona trailer like there

never was a life worth living like this.