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Tonya Wiley

Years: 2014


Tonya Wiley is a poet, freelance writer, teaching artist and educator from New Haven, Connecticut. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Central Oklahoma and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Education and Montessori Elementary Teacher Certificate from the University of Hartford and the Montessori Training Center Northeast. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Huizache Magazine, New Plains Review, Distinctly Oklahoma, and Pegasus. 


On the Verandah

After Kate Chopin's, "A Respectable Woman"

Gourvernail and her husband smoke on the

verandah while she steams in bed,blowing question marks out the window.There is something brewing in her body,a twinge, a twitch, a heat billowinglike wild mushrooms in her chest.There is thunder in her head and she imagineswhat colors Gouvernail dreams in at night.She hears his name, searches for sleepto escape but finds his face instead. When her husband comes to bed and nudges his nose against the soft back of her neck, she feels hands that aren't his, light as dandelion spores, walking the mountain range of her spine. When she wakes, everything is wet and brilliant after the storm. She is dry and relieved, but the sweat on her sheetsis there to remind her.