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Claudette Webster

Years: 2003, 2004


Claudette M. Webster is a native of Jamaica, West Indies, and an educator, community organizer and facilitator.  She is a Cave Canem Fellow (2003, 2004) and a founding member of The Berkshire Festival of Women Writers.  Ms. Webster earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2014; her thesis manuscript For All A We I is based on her family history of immigration and assimilation. In 2016, Ms. Webster participated in The Home School Conference and was resident at Vermont Studio of the Arts. She lives in Minneapolis.


Jamaica Dawn


with the breaking

birdsong she is already on her way

to the church – a prayer in every step.


Inside she kneels

cloaked in stillness and ceremony

her mind and heart quietens.


There with her God

the one who really listen

she is embraced

and receives the gift of speaking in tongues


a yoked honor

she bares with majesty.