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Sami D. Schalk

Years: 2010


Sami Schalk is a feminist poet from Southgate, Kentucky. She received her Bachelor degrees in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies at Miami University of Ohio and her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Notre Dame. Sami is a Cave Canem fellow and member of Women Writing for (a) Change. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in CC&D, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Battered Suitcase and elsewhere. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Indiana University in Gender Studies.


Whirlwind Romance of the Disastrous Kind


We fell fast, afros over matching brown toes,

we fell in a mass entanglement

of caramelized limbs and sweaty sheets,

your lips on my hips with fingers crossed

as you said I love you, going down, down—

to the bottom of a bottle, pack of cheap cigars.

You always smelled of their smoke

and cheap incense and cheap cologne,

my nose knew long before my brain

that you weren’t willing to pay

for anything real, for anyone,

wasting what little you had and were

on your habit, your escape, your excuse.

We fell so fast with sex and skin, bruises and blood,

even words were a blur, promises broken before spoken,

speed spinning us together, twisted heart to heart

no matter how badly we tore at each others’ eyes.