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Kamau Rucker

Years: 2008, 2009


Kamau Rucker is a teacher and singer/songwriter. Additional work includes play writing. He is a Master of Fine Arts graduate in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a Cave Canem Fellow. Recent publication credits include: The Heat, The Day, and This Moment (San Francisco Bay Press), Conditions of Light (Pudding House Publications), Salamander, Drunken Boat, Six Little Things, and Ruah.


Water WeightWhat poses for lightshot through a jarsilenced, slipped throughSpectrums is a metaphor forRain is a metaphor forSorrow is a metaphor forglassBodies on the coastlinefloat and float Buoyancy is the difference betweenweight and densityaltered by massSea is a metaphor for Silt is a metaphor forRest is a metaphor forstainEverything that can’t be saidis rum in a jaris fire in a glassis a wound in the throatevery night that we claimCloud is a metaphor forSynapse is a metaphor for Desire is a metaphor fordesire