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Kenyatta Rogers

Years: 2010, 2011


Kenyatta Rogers' interest in writing began with scary stories and TV shows such as the Twilight Zone and R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series. While writing short stories as a child he began to focus more on poetry in high school. Being a native of the Cleveland area, he received his BA in English from the Kent State University in Ohio and MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. His work has been featured in the Word 4: Type + Image Exhibit and published in Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, 350poems.blogspot, les figues press, and The Arsenic Lobster. He was nominated for a 2009 Illinois Arts Council Literary Award for his poem "Safety," which appeared in the Columbia Poetry Review and is a founding member of The Chicago Poetry Brothel.


The Leaping Off


Do fire ants fight honeybees?

Will you carry me?


Tell Ginger you won’t die in this room with her.

Wash your lawn at dust,

eat the earthworms that squirm to the top.


Did you know they drown?

The sky is still

blue at night

when there’s no moon.


Do guinea pigs have a purpose?


Do chickens?


Have you ever seen

a pack of wild chickens

roaming the prairie?


Did you know

astronauts hate tang

and love strawberries?


Can you whine like a mosquito?


There’s Braille at the drive-through.


I once swallowed a diamond.

I am made of diamonds.

Afrika’s mined for diamond.


Are my ancestors in your mouth?