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Glenis Gale Redmond

Years: 2010





Glenis Redmond, a native of Greenville, South Carolina resides in North Carolina amongst the Cherokee mountains.  She graduated from Erskine College and is presently completing an MFA in Poetry at Warren Wilson College. Glenis is a NC Literary Fellowship Recipient from the North Carolina Arts Council and serves as a trustee on the NC Humanities Council.  She participated on the task force that created the first Writer-in-Residence at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in Flat Rock, NC.  She is a 2010 Hermitage Fellow and a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist.  Glenis is a full-time road poet, performing and teaching poetry across the Country.  In 1996 Glenis found The Poetry Slam at the Green Door down Carolina Lane in Asheville. She found a tribe of poets in The Slam that answered her Afro-Carolinian call and response poetry stride for stride. Glenis brought more alive by this movement, she became a true believer of words that sing and dance in the air.  Glenis is an Individual Regional Slam Champion twice and a top ten finalist at Nationals twice.  She is not a fan of the phrase Performance Poet, as she hopes to conjure poetry each time she speaks a poem whether a Glenis Redmond signature or a newly fashioned poem.    She loves poetry in all it shapes and forms.   Find Glenis’ poems featured in Meridians, The Asheville Poetry Review and Obsidian II and numerous of other literary journals across the country.  Her latest book of poetry is titled Under the Sun.



Loaded Story  

My daughter, Celeste, makes a doll, 

a mulatto woman bedecked in a ball gown


made from confederate playing cards,  

the doll’s hands chained behind her back.


I both fear and admire what Celeste conjures. 

Call her act performance art, when she blows 


into the Dixie Outpost like a cool taboo on wings, 

not impervious to the billboard sized confederate flags


gracing the grounds and the 8-foot tall militia walls 

that spell Danger, you do not belong here. 

I taught her to read these signs. Know the codes by bone,

she trespasses anyway like a mercurial soldier 


ready to battle controversy, for a class assignment.

Hey y’all I am here to do a project on southern pride.

Celeste is given a first class tour and begged to return.

She keeps this story loaded in her hip-pocket. 


Pulls it out anytime she gets a chance--pours it over us, 

all the accents glittering like much needed rain.