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Annette L. Murrell

Years: 2004 and 2008


Annette L. Murrell (Dr Diva) is a jazz singer and writer.  She has produced and released two recordings: My Shining Hour and Annette Murrell: Live at the Zoo Bar!  She has published a chapbook titled I wanna be a bad woman. Educated at Stanford, the University of Nairobi in Kenya, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Annette has a doctorate in English and taught college writing for fourteen years.  Now she is an announcer for NET Radio, Nebraska's NPR Station and a Peer Outreach Worker at Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach where she advocates for individuals who are homeless and have chronic mental illness. She resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with her beloved mother and anime-aficionado son.  She is currently working on a play and memoir, as well as her third album.



Gorilla Warfare


Without knocking

my son bursts

into my bedroom.

“Mommy, what’s guerilla warfare?”

I stumble over a definition

so rolling on my side

I lean over the edge of my water bed

to retrieve my tattered gray dictionary.


Due to fatigue, my son’s pronunciation

or my stupidity

I look up g-o-r-i-l-l-a

and to my chagrin

the term “gorilla warfare” is not defined.


I note the word gorilla

is derived from the Greek Gorillai

believed to be the name of

“an alleged tribe of hairy African women.”


“What’s guerilla warfare?”

my son insists.

“It’s the kind of war

black women

wage every day,”

I reply.