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Ernesto Mercer

Years: 1997 | 1998 |1999


Ernesto Mercer is a poet-multidisciplinary artist, teaching-artist and an independent scholar. His work incorporates many of the written and verbal arts from around the Atlantic African-American diasporas. For over 20 years he has created art works and performed across the US and beyond. A Cave Canem Alumni Fellow, since 2008 his performance works have been commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art at the. Published in various anthologies and journals, he has performed his work at Whitney Museum, The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival and The Split This Rock Poetry Festival, among others.





Anything may be achieved even a great nothing if


a man sets his mind right he can undo that too [LA]




gone [Devil] who said? [$$$$$$$$$$$] didn’t do it


+ [the nastynasty] broke down + bottles+ things poor




brothers never dream of  just takes distance [nigger


colorednegroblackafro] incognito & incognizance park




+ bench like this you don’t even need to eat every day


unthinking [Genius] park bench cold & the water you




can even [Jesus] [Jesus][Jesus] you may erode in


what remains of sunlight before the park gets dark




clean as a [Ghost] when no one living says its name


buy time against [Trouble]mumble ditties now just




for yourself  [Motown] this time long vowels half time


hand pat you may even have time to believe yourself




that sparrow scrapping the crumbs laid round your


feet may just have time before this smiling white man




leads you to back to the warm room with the piano


insisting again in English Your name is Marvin Gaye