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Jacqueline Jones LaMon

Years: 2000, 2001, 2002


Currently President of Cave Canem’s Board of Directors and a member of the board since 2009, LaMon is the author of two collections of poems, Last Seen, a Felix Pollak Poetry Prize selection, and Gravity, U.S.A., recipient of the Quercus Review Press Poetry Series Book Award. Her novel, In the Arms of One Who Loves Me, was published by Ballantine Books. An Associate Professor at Adelphi University, where she teaches in the multi‐genre MFA program, LaMon was a finalist for the 2012 NAACP Image Award (Outstanding Literature, Poetry) and has received fellowships from the The Kimbilio Center for African American Fiction, the Yaddo Foundation, the Fine Arts Work Center and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, among others. She earned her BA from Mount Holyoke College, JD from UCLA School of Law, and MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry, from Indiana University Bloomington. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.  


For My Husband: Who Took Our Daughter to the Park So I Could Get Some Rest, Then Fell Asleep and Awakened to an Empty Stroller


I know when you dream of her.

You hit at the air, wake up bruised.


Round one: you search for a person,

get sideswiped by soft and rusted metal.


Round two: they will not let you

in the ring. The entrance is gone.


Did you hear her? You thought

you heard her. Quick: where is she?


You awaken in layers: the dream of you

in dream, the underside of sleep.


Round four: you could have found her

in round three, but where were you?


You dream I am inside your dream,

letting you sleep     wake up     sleep     wake up.