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Elisabeth Houston

Years: 2009, 2010, 2013


Elisabeth Houston lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She writes and performs most regularly through her alter-ego aka baby aka "baaaby" - aka - "jenny lowenberg" - aka - ____________ . She is still determining the scope of her latest poetic project and she is still learning new words.


Dollhouse Poem


Bedtime. The moon is pressed

like a silver dollar in the sky.

Moon, take me away,

says Baby. There’s silence,

so she lifts the moon

from the night’s velvet cushion

and puts it in her pocket.


Breakfasttime. Mother scrambles

a yellow universe

in a hot black pan.

The moon in Baby’s pocket,

the sun, a shiny penny

in the palm of the sky.


Father sits like an old loaf

of bread, spreads his toast

with Mother’s buttery eggs.

Baby waits, saucer-eyed

her mouth, a flat, silent line.

The moon in her pocket,

a flattened wish, a dare.