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Randall G Horton

Years: 2006-2007-2009


Randall Horton, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, resides in Albany, New York. He has a MFA from Chicago State and a PhD in Creative Writing at SUNY Albany. He is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Haven.





Under the Suburbian Sky

a small boy travels with backpack out

past the last subway stop. dark green


shrubbery on the knoll & places backpack

under the sky, just before the moon, a stone’s throw


from his head to dream, but indeed he can

dream a brave new world, new angles


where he not subset to human. but human

in the universe, on the right angle of god


perhaps everywhere else too, dark green

shrubbery moving alongside earth’s rotation


just before the moon. & under the sky the small boy thinks free

with earth, with all things spiritual:


the sea spray the box elder, just before the moon

october’s gentle winds whisper come back home


inhale a new kind of individual but not

really an individual, a human being


under a canopy of falling stars wonderfully

hard to center, a universal free & good.