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Andre O. Hoilette



Hoilette is a Jamaican-born poet, living in Colorado.


Photo:  Rachel Eliza Griffiths


several rappers slain


several rappers slain in whole foods, feedback, couplets and beats spill in aisles a rain bursts in the store, they page Jah for clean up, Jah to the cafe, to the register. can he be everywhere at once? the manager calls Rasta to put a science pon it, but he's out on a smoke break it will be fifteen minutes, maybe little more? a bent, white spinster veil raised, asks if i know when watermelons are ripe. i tell her i will divine it, i will knock on it. i will go consult oracles or break it over her head and know then by the coolness on my feet now filling with rain water, grave sites hum making bodies into songs