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Jonterri Gadson

Years: 2010, 2011, 2013


Jonterri Gadson is Debra's Daughter. A proud Cave Canem fellow, she is also a recent graduate of the University of Virginia's Creative Writing MFA program and the Callaloo Creative Writers Workshop. In the Summer of 2013, she will complete the Pocantico Residency sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Her poems have previously appeared in Callaloo, The Collagist, Tidal Basin Review, The Rumpus, Muzzle, Conte, Vinyl Poetry, and other journals. She is currently the Herbert W. Martin Creative Writing Fellow at the University of Dayton in Ohio. Her chapbook, Pepper Girl, was published by YesYes Books in September 2012. 



(Sonnet #1)

On a Saturday morning in Palm Beach,middle-aged poets read stanzas of grief.Now I know it will always be too soonfor my mother to die.  It will happentoo slow, if not sudden.  She might forgetme first, might not see her own face in mineanymore, might sniff chamomile teabagsand not remember the evening we satat the dining room table, her bibleopen to its index, finger pacingover thin pages to find the perfectverse to help me understand that vengeance--against boys who didn't call-- was the Lord's.How we laughed, that day, at the wrath of God!


Previosly published by Conte: A Journal of Narrative Writing