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Geffrey Davis

Years: 2012, 2013


Geffrey Davis is the author of Revising the Storm (BOA Editions, 2014), winner of the A. Poulin Poetry Prize. He is also the recipient of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize, the Wabash Prize for Poetry, the Dogwood First Prize in Poetry, the Leonard Steinberg Memorial/Academy of American Poets Award, nominations for the Pushcart Prize, and a Graduate Residency from Penn State's Institute for Arts and Humanities. He is a founder and editor of Toe Good Poetry and serves as an Associate Director for the Summer Institute for Literary and Cultural Studies. Recent work has appeared in Crazyhorse, Hayden's Ferry Review, The Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, [PANK], and Sycamore Review, among others. Davis holds degrees from Oregon State University and Penn State University, and he teaches in the creative writing program at the University of Arkansas.





In my previous life as a deer, I honed my brand

of nervousness, balanced instinct and memory,


sharpened that ability to slip silently between

thicket and meadow, changing from fluid motion


to some frozen effigy of the thing—: existence

reduced to traveling my predispositions. Poised


over the hard hoof, I tested the live weight of

never feeling all the way prepared, searched out


spoiled apples beneath winter’s ice, at a moment

ready to morph into a fleeing patch of white


haunch among the naked trees. I raced against

the hunter’s success, against the day


he would hit the muskiness of my hide

and the hot, mercurial life beneath it—: carve me,


freeze me, the velvet vastness of my body

parceled out to loved ones, in easily stored pieces.