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Nikia Chaney



Nikia Chaney is a poet from the Inland Empire of California. She is author of two chapbooks, Sis Fuss (2012, Orange Monkey Publishing) and ladies, please (2012, Dancing Girl Press).  She is founding editor of shufpoetry, an online journal for experimental poetry, and founding editor of Jamii Publishing, a publishing imprint dedicated to fostering community among poets and writers. She has won grants from the Barbara Demings Fund for Women, Poets & Writers, and Cave Canem.  She teaches at San Bernardino Valley College


flesh works



flesh works

    be it a center for control

  or a needle

             drawing hunger


Shelly makes a doll

    and we all line up

               to the disease

       infatuation with our Haitian greys

          black eyes naming us creature

   heads swollen like

 red grapes


  these sweating

     rags of simularity

 and this dried blood 

        each stump a heartbeat

insists a night visit

     the possibilities of Halperin’s 

                 metallic light


        so do sing Carpenter

     of your seminal

               fire complex

      as a stretched

               figure dragging

           delicate body danglings slow 

          miserably needed free


for Lovecraft was right

       everything needs 

   to eat