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Gustavo Adolfo Aybar

Years: 2011


Gustavo Adolfo Aybar is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received his MA in Romance Languages & Literature. As a scholar he’s presented at the University of Florida, and has upcoming publications by ABC-CLIO and Salem Press. He is a Cave Canem fellow, and as a member of the Latino Writer's Collective, his work can be found in their anthology, Primera Pagina: Poetry from the Latino Heartland (Scapegoat Press, 2008). Other publications include: Harvest of New Millennium 3.1 & 4.1; Black Magnolias Literary Journal, Jan. 2010; NINE: A Journal of Baseball History & Culture 19-1 Fall 2010; Oranges & Sardines Dec. 2009; and where he was a Poet-In-Residence all of 2010. For access to more information, poetry and videos visit



The Only Thing I Have

                       For my grandfather Jose Francisco Aybar



And this is how I remember him:

with a business card plus two pictures,

which I place side by side, next to my own.


With slick black hair, mine curls into question marks;

thick, full eye brows; a rounded chin like lemon rind;

with lips like cracks creeping into the wall


of his mouth and a suggested smile

also like mine—through eyes dizzied with love

and imperfections.


                        The similarities melt into something

                        undiscovered and unknown.


The card: Mecánico Perito en Reparaciones

de Maquinas de Coser, indicates a life seasoned

by levers, foot controls and the wild buzz


of needles. The work is guaranteed, unlike

the card. It will never guess it is a broken promise.

It will never know


  it is the only thing I have that he has touched.