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Lauren K. Alleyne

Years: 2004, 2005, 2007


Fear and Trembling

After Kierkegaard


And there are many ways to come undone

– some more exquisite than others. Ask Eve,

she will tell you apple-lust unwrapped her

left her cold and with a word for shiver.

Lot’s wife is witness that a backward glance

is enough – nostalgia pillared her. But,

I imagine the somewhat greater deeds:

the Red Sea unstitched like a turquoise braid;

the lion’s den, its many hungry mouths;

Isaac’s bewildered screams: why, daddy, why?

And what terrible choice to peel back doubt

like a bandage, without question or lack

to say Here am I, to renounce relief:

step in, seize the knife, and to know belief.