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Poetry’s Musical Bloodline: A Master Class with Tyehimba Jess

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Poetry's Musical Bloodline: A Sociohistorical Soundtrack is a master class exploring the historic connections between music and poetry, with particular interest in music of the African diaspora. Participants will plumb insights into creating poems that address the history, culture, characters, geographies and politics of music across generations and across the world. We will read poems from…


Cultural Publicity Workshop for Poets of Color

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

This workshop, facilitated by Kima Jones, co-founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts, will teach the expectant author how to set realistic goals while making room for their biggest dreams, define their audience, pitch their work to media and create relationships with booksellers. This workshop is best suited for authors who have forthcoming book projects. Refreshments served.…

$20 – $25

Self-care, Vulnerability and Resilience: Disarming Intersectional Microaggressions with Nicole L. Jackson, Ph.D.

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Thirty years ago, Audre Lorde described the act of self-care as a fundamental tool to combat oppressive forces, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Today, her words echo with a timely refrain in a U.S. political landscape fraught with the promotion of myopic agendas…


Walking the Walk: Poetry, Equity & Anti-Racism in the Literary Arts

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Cave Canem is thrilled to host an anti-racism workshop to engage community building within the arts around issues of racism and equity. This second offering of  "Walking the Walk: Poetry, Equity & Anti-Racism in the Literary Arts" is a five-hour integrative anti-racism workshop & training geared towards leaders working in the literary arts. This workshop…


The Book of Our Lives: A Workshop on Storytelling with Cecilia Gentili

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

The goal of this workshop with trans activist and storyteller Cecilia Gentili, is to empower participants to use narrative as a way to heal, move an audience and gain the confidence to share their experiences with others.  Through community sharing, participants will dissect stories presented by Cecilia Gentili to learn and determine the best ways to develop their own personal stories to be presented to others.

CANCELED: “Queer Vision: Writing and Reading Queer with Anastacia-Renee”

Cave Canem Suite 310-A 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Please note that this event has been canceled. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

In this master class with multi-genre writer, educator and interdisciplinary artist, Anastacia-Renee, participants will close-read work written by contemporary and queer writers and create multiple pieces, which will mirror the writers in terms of format and topic, while simultaneously creating and queering their own poems. We will close with a workshop and discussion regarding queer appropriation as well as the difference between writing queer characters and writing from a queer perspective.


When Poetry Meets Memoir: A Master Class with Anastacia-Renee

  “…my eyes are always hungry and remembering however the image enters its force remains.” -Audre Lorde   When we engage with the intricacies of what the body cannot forget and interrogate the multiple ways to tell and retell the stories the mind remembers, we call it memoir. This masterclass encourages writers to take memoires…

Raising the Dead: A Poetry Revision Master Class with January Gill O’Neil

How difficult has it been to write and revise during the pandemic and a tumultuous 2020? How do we re-envision work that moves beyond our own physical and emotional boundaries? Revision can feel overwhelming, particularly for emerging writers, but having strategies and tools for what to do can breathe life into lifeless work. Join January…

An Embrace of the Erratic: Finding Poetic Evolution Beyond Refinement

While most proper instruction on poetry focuses on internalizing craft concepts and refining their execution via emulation and practice (as is true for many artistic disciplines), most working writers invested in relevancy realize that their challenge is not how to get “better” (execution-wise) as a poet—which can be a fairly linear path—but rather how to…