A Look into Cave Canem’s Poets Tour Program

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Cave Canem’s Poets Tour provides opportunities for Cave Canem fellows to share their work with diverse audiences and help sustain the nation’s premier home for Black poetry. Through the program, Cave Canem manages booking details for a sponsor organization seeking to engage participating fellows. Poets Tour fellows participate in a broad range of events, including lectures, panels, classroom visits, workshops, and more. Participating fellow Kim Marshall, who presented a reading and workshop with students at Episcopal High School last year, recalls, “I greatly appreciate being given this chance to offer students and faculty a different perspective and approach to writing, language and inclusivity.”

Each week, one of our more than 80 participating poets is featured as “Poet of the Week” on Cave Canem’s DOGBYTES blog. Interested sponsor organizations may visit the Poets Tour page for more details. Cave Canem fellows can join Poets Tour by submitting the Poets Tour Profile form to Natalie Desrosiers at [email protected].


Photo Credit: NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Photo Caption: Poets Tour fellow Samantha Thornhill presents a reading and take at the 32nd Annual Art & Poetry Celebration